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Our Message

Here at the Carousel Center we strive for excellent 
service and care for your family's individual needs.

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At the Carousel Center, we are always learning and doing fun things! 

Through small groups, educational activities, and leisure activities, we will create the most individualized experience for your loved ones. Our staff-to-individual ratio is determined by wants and needs, in addition to their acuity score*.  We have a certified coordinator that plans our monthly recreation calendar and develops educational plans specific to individual needs.

Our mission is to educate our individuals through leisure based activities throughout the community. We strive to promote informative decision making, community participation, and self-sufficiency. We will help them "turn their lives around" with the support and involvement of family and friends.

With the help of various agencies and businesses, we integrate our individuals into the community to enhance their learning experiences. We promote self-sufficiency and normalization, ensuring that our individuals achieve their maximum potential. 


If you have any questions or would like to visit our facility, please feel free to contact our office at (330) 793-4080. Thank you!

*Acuity score is an assessment done in seven areas of living skills that identifies strengths and weaknesses which determines a staffing ratio in a workshop setting.


Meet the Team

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