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Who is Erick Jenkins?

Meet Erick Jenkins, the Carousel Center Supported Employment Coordinator and our teacher!

We are enjoying our class and love learning from Erick. We thought you would like to hear a little about him!

Erick has been with the Carousel Center about six months, but since then, he has created an entire Employability Readiness and Skills course for us. This is a six week long course that involves teaching about teamwork, problem solving, references, filling out applications, career readiness,

and more.

He was previously the Operations Manager at Staples for seven years. He has an extensive background in retail management and marketing. With his bachelor's degree in marketing from Youngstown State University and his Masters in Business Administration from Malone University, he plans on making his education programs at the Carousel Center the best in the area.

Erick enjoys interacting on a daily basis with us and his co-workers, and we love how "silly" he is, as well as how much he teaches us! He is always looking for new ways to grow the different educational programs to their fullest potential!

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