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I'm full of keys but I can't open any door. What am I?

During our second week of class, we learned about soft skills, problem solving, time management, and listening!

Our class learning about time management.

On the first day of class this week, our class learned about soft skills and problem solving. After Erick taught us about soft skills, we did a problem solving activity... "I'm full of keys but I can't open any door. What am I?" (a piano).

On the second day of class, we learned about time management and listening. Eric gave our class white boards and calendars to bring home so we could work on making a schedule at home like we have at work to practice our time management. After that, we played the telephone game, where we had to whisper a phrase to another classmate and they had to repeat it back. We had to really listen to each other to make sure we didn't mess the phrase up!

Erick found some really cool apps for us to sharpen our skills on!

We really enjoyed working on the iPads and Erick said he has a lot more to show us on them!

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