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How ethical are you?

This week our class took a quiz on ethics. We passed with flying colors! One of the questions that Erick asked us was:

You’re having a romantic dinner and order an expensive bottle of wine as part of the festivities. When the check arrives, you notice that the wine hasn’t been included in the bill. Would you:

A) Tell the waiter about the oversight

B.) Keep it to yourself but leave a larger tip than you were planning to

C.) Keep it to yourself and leave your standard tip

D.) Use some of the money you’ve saved to donate to your favorite charity

Our class chose to tell the waiter about the oversight! What would you do?

We also learned about stress management, respect, and practicing self-confidence. Erick taught us the in-depth warning signs of anxiety and how to analyze and resolve situations when they appear. Then he taught us about respect and that we should treat others the way that we would like to be treated. We also talked about acknowledging another person’s value, putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and practicing self-respect. We finished the day by watching a few videos with real life examples of what we learned.

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