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Blessing Packs for the Less Fortunate

We are excited to announce our next 4-week course at the Carousel Center. This course will focus on making Love/Blessing packs for the homeless. In this new class, we will learn how to get donations, how to purchase items for the packs within an allotted budget, and production and distribution of the packets.

To begin the process of making Blessing packs for the homeless, Erick taught us how to brainstorm a list of items that we might want to put in the packages. These are the items that we came up with as a team:

Ziplock Bags

Disposable Razors

Lip Balm

Travel Deodorant

Body Wash




First-Aid Kits

Wet Wipes


Hand Warmers

Bus Passes


Granola Bars

Water Bottles

Shaving Cream



Peanut-Butter Crackers

Also this week, we were introduced to a new student who will join us on our new journey, Susan Hunt! We learned that if Susan had $100,000 dollars, she would put it in the bank and save it. We are happy to have a new member in our class!

Next week, we will learn about how to get these items via purchasing them and donations, so we can begin the production of the Love/Blessing packs! We are looking forward to updating you every week as we learn more in this new class!

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