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As a part of our ongoing commitment to providing a safe environment for our staff and individuals, we have extended our cleanliness policies and procedures accordingly.

1. All drivers will disinfect passengers’ hands upon entering the vehicles. This will reduce contamination of surfaces touched by individuals.

2. All Day Program staff will disinfect individuals’ hands and lunch boxes upon entering and exiting the day program and hands at lunch time.

3. Individuals and staff will not be participating in certain community outings and supported employment activities.

4. House staff will be instructed to take extra precautions when cooking, bathing, and cleaning in the houses. This includes regularly disinfecting tables, counters, light switches, door handles and all surfaces that get touched regularly.

5. All houses will begin to be stocked with foods and necessities that hold extended shelf life in case further progression of social distancing occurs.

6. We will take any signs or symptoms seriously, in individuals and in staff. If you experience, or notice anyone experiencing, signs or symptoms please notify the office / medical office as soon as possible. This will ensure we can get individuals out of harm’s way and reduce further contamination.

We believe the above precautions should prevent the need for further action. However, we believe in hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. If further action is needed, RaeArc has exigency plans in place and ready implement so that we can provide the best care possible.

Providing the best care possible may require disruption of the normal daily routines and staffing. Please make preparations for individuals, or staff members, to stay home and get better.​

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